Jonathan Davis of Clifton Ingram LLP congratulated on his retirement at March meeting

On 7th March 2019 Business Forum members and guests heard from one of the longest standing members of the group, Jonathan Davis, Managing Partner of Clifton Ingram LLP, as he looked back over his career as a solicitor just before his retirement.

He described his key area of work in Dispute Resolution, in particular the delicate negotiations involved in boundary disputes, his work in Mediation and addressing issues including Cyber Crime and Money Laundering. Jonathan summed up what he believed were his achievements:

“I believe that I have

  • helped secure justice for clients
  • trained staff
  • made good management decisions
  • chaired meetings galore
  • dealt successfully with unhappy clients face to face
  • given more Pro Bono advice than I should have
  • wondered at human nature – I was naïve when we started and have learnt a lot of lessons”

The members presented Jonathan with some gifts and wished him a very busy and happy retirement.

Photos taken by Pennie Withers of Photos by Pennie