Thursday 2 July 2020
People v Human Remains: making every stage count in the people lifecycle within a business”
Julie Marsden of HR Solutions

Thursday 4 June 2020
“Really?! – Are you trying to frustrate me?”
Tamsin Regnes, MBTI Practioner

Thursday 7 May 2020
Online meeting discussing furloughing, government support schemes and what the world of business will look like post lockdown.

Thursday 2 April 2020
One to one meetings

Thursday 5 March 2020
“Six questions to ask your Head of Marketing”
Dan Holt of Boss Digital

Thursday 6 February 2020
“The emotion of performance”
Dr Lindsay Joyce of The People Project

Thursday 9 January 2020
“Five IP mistakes & how to avoid them”
Stephen Carter of The Intellectual Property Works

Thursday 5 December 2019
“Business as Unusual – securing your Brand’s future”
Craig Thatcher of Greenfisher

Thursday 7 November 2019
“Running a business is a Marathon and not a Sprint”
Richard Knight of Lionheart Management

Thursday 3 October 2019
Update on the work of the Thames Valley Berkshire LEP
Tim Smith, Chief Executive of the Thames Valley Berkshire LEP

Thursday 5 September 2019
“Making Better Decisions: examining our natural biases, patterns of thinking and short cuts, with strategies to offset them”
Jonathan Bowring of Riversight

Thursday 1 August 2019
“How to get your LinkedIn to work for you”
Tony Silver of Solid Silver Solutions

Thursday 4 July 2019
“Executive Search: what is it and how does it add real value to a business?”
Jonathan Ross of Ross Search Consulting Ltd

Thursday 6 June 2019
“The Only One”
James Nathan of The James Nathan Experience

Thursday 2 May 2019
“Failing to plan is planning to fail – the realities of planning & implementation in creating a successful business”
John Fairley of JFP Strategic Planning

Thursday 4 April 2019
“The importance of thinking Brand not bland…”
Phil Strachan of Strangebrew

Thursday 7 March 2019
A day in the life of this Solicitor
Jonathan Davis of Clifton Ingram LLP

Thursday 7 February 2019
“Are you ready to pursue more of your personal dreams? Tips on planning for a successful exit”
Jo Croft of The Alternative Board

Thursday 3 January 2019
“‘So here’s what I think…’ – a simple man’s ideas on running a business”
Steve Munden of Business Keys Ltd

Thursday 6 December 2018
“Energy – what does the future hold for us and can we afford it?”
Richard Dormer of BCR Associates

Thursday 1 November 2018
“Thriving communities drive business value”
Susan Elliott of VitalSix Ltd

Thursday 4 October 2018
“From start-up to Award-Winning….”
Judith Tinker of M-Four Promotions

Thursday 6 September 2018
“What are the tax challenges for consultants? Is the gig economy throwing up new tax challenges?”
Alan Ross, Tax Director, Wilson Partners Ltd

Thursday 2 August 2018
“Nutrition & employee performance – the link between eating well and employee performance”
Sarah Zorab of Sarah Zorab Nutrition

Thursday 5 July 2018
“Public speaking is easy – if only more audiences were interested in what we were saying….”
Peter Francis of On Your Feet Presentations Ltd

Thursday 7 June 2018
“CSR and how to use it to manage your reputation”
Owen Hughes of EWO Communications Ltd

Thursday 3 May 2018
Update on the work of the Thames Valley Berkshire LEP
Bill Hicks, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Thames Valley Berkshire LEP

Thursday 5 April 2018
“Avoid complacency – keep an eye on your business!”
Gary Fisher of GEFConsult Ltd

Thursday 1 March 2018
NO meeting – cancelled due to snow

Thursday 1 February 2018
“No plan survives contact with the enemy – a more adaptive approach to strategy management”
Sarah Wicks of New Road Consulting Ltd

Thursday 4 January 2018
“What’s the Big Deal with Data & Analytics?”
John Morton of CPM Ltd

Thursday 7 December 2017
“Myth Busting Employment Law”
Matt Jenkin of Moorcrofts LLP Solicitors

Thursday 2 November 2017
“The Internet of Things”
Charles Paumelle of

Thursday 5 October 2017
10th Birthday Business Forum Showcase Event

Thursday 7 September 2017
“Everyone has an App in them!”
Ross Wilson of Wilson Partners Ltd

Thursday 3 August 2017
“A spotlight on mental health & the workplace”
Alison Foster of Brighter Berkshire

Thursday 6 July 2017
“Data Protection doesn’t apply to me … does it?” GDPR – the impact of the new legislation on your business
Regina Lally of Databasix UK Ltd

Thursday 1 June 2017
“Are you listening to me?”
Jonathan Bowring of Riversight Ltd

Thursday 4 May 2017
“Royal Elm Park development at the Madejski Stadium”
John Stafford Mills of The Communications Group

Thursday 6 April 2017
“Six seats on the bus – who do you want to take?”
Christine Elgood of Elgood Effective Learning

Thursday 16 March 2017 – Business Forum Digital Transformation Group
“Disrupt or be Disrupted”
Andrew Grill, Global Managing Partner, IBM Social Consulting

Thursday 2 March 2017
“Bringing the Gigabit City to Reading, Wokingham & Bracknell”
Emma Salomon of BtL Communication & Nick Gray of Cityfibre

Thursday 2 February 2017
“Cyber-attacks – it couldn’t happen to me… could it?”
Peter Gaskin of Team Discovery Ltd

Thursday 5 January 2017
“Ever wondered what management style is ‘best’ for the CEO/MD of an organisation?”

Rod Willis of Assentire Ltd

Thursday 1 December 2016
“Complexity & how it’s buggering things up…”

Mark Foden of Foden Grealy

Tuesday 13 December 2016 – Christmas Lunch
Lt General Sir Robert Fulton KBE, CEO of the Global Leadership Foundation

Thursday 3 November 2016
“The Western Heathrow spur rail link”

Emma Harmsworth of Network Rail

Thursday 6 October 2016
Broadband and the future in Berkshire”
Colin Batchelor of Superfast Broadband

Thursday 1 September 2016
Continuous Branding”
Craig Thatcher of Greenfisher

Thursday 4 August 2016
“The rise of the subscription economy – Pants, Bacon & Innovation”
Mark Mars of Perceptive Flow

Thursday 7 July 2016
Intellectual Property & Intangible Assets – recognising the hidden value in your company”
Pippa Tolfts of Coller IP

Thursday 2 June 2016
In or Out of the EU? What are the impacts for your business?”
A panel drawn from both sides of the debate including John Redwood MP & Anneliese Dodds MEP

Thursday 5 May 2016
Everybody loves a good story
Abhi Arumbakkam of Lifesize Videos

Thursday 7 April 2016
It’s not business as we know it!”
Chris Farrance of Chris Farrance Associates

Thursday 3 March 2016
One year on – Thames Valley Berkshire LEP – from strategy to implementation”
Bill Hicks, Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Thames Valley Berkshire LEP

Thursday 4 February 2016
HR – Defenders of the Faith & Keepers of the Get of Jail Card (HR’s loyalty card!)”
Julie Marsden of HR Solutions Ltd

Thursday 7 January 2016
Social Media hasn’t gone away!”
Ellie Selby of MAXX Design

Tuesday 15 December 2015
Christmas lunch
Dame Stephanie Shirley

Thursday 3 December 2015
“Coffee from across the world!”
Alex Cox of Raw Bean Coffee

Thursday 5 November 2015
“The Referral Revolution”
James Nathan of the James Nathan Experience

Thursday 1 October 2015
“Tapping into Telecommunications”
Emma Salomon of Between the Lines Communication Ltd

Thursday 3 September 2015
“Why zebras don’t get ulcers…”
Diksha Chakravarti of FIXme Ltd

Thursday 6 August 2015
Tributes to Stephen Green
no speaker

Thursday 3 July 2015
“Business support and funding for growth””
Tim King of The FSE Group

Thursday 4 June 2015
“What it’s like to be a CEO for four months!”
Malcolm Wicks of Three Step Consulting

Thursday 7 May 2015
“A Party Political broadcast on behalf of the Green Party!”
Stephen Green of Greenfisher

Thursday 2 April 2015
“What’s in a story?”
Mark Mars of Perceptive Flow

Thursday 5 March 2015
“Thames Valley Berkshire LEP – aims, objectives & projects”
Bill Hicks of the Thames Valley LEP

Thursday 5 February 2015
“A new idea without successful implementation is just an invention… making a successful business out of innovation”
Susan Elliott of VitalSix Ltd

Thursday 8 January 2015
“From good to great – the inside story on the value of putting clients at the heart of your business”
Beth Hughes of Making Change Stick & Derek Rodgers of Gardner Leader LLP

Thursday 16 December 2014
Christmas lunch

Thursday 4 December 2014
“What have the Romans ever done for us?”
Stephen Green of Greenfisher

Thursday 6 November 2014
“How mood makes Money!”
Mary Fenwick, Journalist & Business coach

Thursday 2 October 2014
“A topical European issue”
Richard Ashworth MEP

Thursday 4 September 2014
“HR is crap! – justifying HR’s existence to small businesses”
Julie Marsden of HR Solutions

Thursday 7 August 2014
“The Human Element of your organisation, group or team”
Rod Willis of Assentire Ltd

Thursday 3 July 2014
“Top tips for capital gains planning and profit extraction for the entrepreneur”
Helen Riley of Riley Tax Consulting Ltd

Thursday 5 June 2014
“Effective partnership: One plus One equals half a million”
Tuna Celik of

Thursday 1 May 2014
“Cost Management – is your profit draining away?”
Geoff Dale & Tim Halfhead of Auditel

Thursday 3 April 2014
“What value is the Apprenticeship Scheme bringing to the development of businesses and young people?”
Cathy Jenkins & Alice Cole from MAXX Design, Karen Dodd of PDM Consultancy & Bill Dormer of Hale Hamilton Valves

Thursday 6 March 2014
“Digital killed the analogue star”
Stuart Thackray of Video Conference Services Ltd

Thursday 6 February 2014
“Some top tips for your business and personal finances in 2014”
Gary Hewitt of St James’s Place Wealth Management

Thursday 9 January 2014
“Tales from the Genetic Frontier”
Paul Denny of Gene Effects

Monday 16 December 2013
Christmas lunch
Mark Foster, Commissioner for the Independent Commission for Aid Impact

Thursday 5 December 2013
“Are you a ‘Super Trooper’ or a ‘Boiling Frog’?”
Chris Farrance of Frontier Coaching

Thursday 7 November 2013
“What business owners can learn from successful sports people”
Norman Jackson of JFP Strategic Planning

Thursday 3 October 2013
“The Preparation Principle”
Peter Francis of On Your Feet Presentations

Thursday 5 September 2013
“From fork to fork – is your business complying with the Waste Hierachy?”
Gwen Powell of Kompost

Thursday 1 August 2013
Networking – no speaker

Thursday 4 July 2013
“Help, my boss is a socks manic!”
Marc Reid of Mediation4

Thursday 6 June 2013
“Trends in Digital Marketing”
Mark Mars of Perceptive Flow

Thursday 2 May 2013
“Thank you seems to be the hardest word… (or two)”
Dave Pywell of Motivational Performance Ltd

Thursday 4 April 2013
“Why signs? Influence is what matters!”
Simon Butcher of Sign-A-Rama Thames Valley

Thursday 7 March 2013
“Technology – disrupting our Lives, Businesses and Countries”
Guy Whitcroft of Business Advisors & Services Ltd

Thursday 7 February 2013
“What can the aliens teach us about change?”
Beth Hughes of Making Change Stick

Thursday 3 January 2013
“Cut the baby in two!”
Jonathan Davis of Clifton Ingram LLP

Thursday 6 December 2012
“Will the English Baccalaureate better prepare young people for working life?”
Dr Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College

Thursday 1 November 2012
Meet the 4Ps – a focus on marketing & branding”
Stephen Green of Greenfisher

Thursday 4 October 2012
“I’m not crazy – I’m just not you!”
Liz Palmer of Summit Coaching & Consulting

Thursday 6 September 2012
“The future of Telemarketing as a Sales Tool”
Thomas Hughes of Connection2

Thursday 2 August 2012
“International Sales – giving birth to a baby elephant and managing the herd!”
Bill Dormer of Hale Hamilton

Thursday 5 July 2012
“Real Life CRM – what I learnt from Kylie Minogue and a Boys Night Out!”
Mark Hardman of

Thursday 7 June 2012
“What customers really care about!”
Malcolm Wicks of Simple Plans

Thursday 3 May 2012
“The Bribery Act – how to avoid an orange jumpsuit!”
Mark Blunden of Boyes Turner

Thursday 5 April 2012
“How we communicate – learn the differences that make the difference”
Elvira Vilarini of E-Motion NLP

Thursday 1 March 2012
“Why entrepreneurs and finance don’t mix!”
Catherine Wilson of the FD Group

Thursday 2 February 2012
“Mobile technology – changing the way you work and play”
Guy Whitcroft of Marmalade

Thursday 5 January 2012
“Preparing for successful interviews”
Jane Marshall of Imperial College

Thursday 1 December 2011
“Writing effective proposals”
Ken Newland of Newland Training & Consultancy

Thursday 3 November 2011
“The answer lies in the question….”
Stephen Green of Greenfisher

Thursday 6 October 2011
“LinkedIn is much more than an online CV – is your business making the most of it?”
Jon Davey of Social Media Director

Thursday 1 September 2011
“Ten tips for protecting your business from ex-employees”
Matt Jenkin of Morgan Cole

Thursday 4 August 2011
“The buyer/seller dance – how prospects control the sale
Ian Blackshire of Sandler Training

Thursday 7 July 2011
“What are your Intangibles and are they safe? – pinpointing the value in your business”
Dr Anna Denholm of Coller IP Management

Thursday 2 June 2011
“Motivation – what is it and why is it important for business?”
Dave Pywell of Motivational Performance Ltd

Thursday 5 May 2011
“Gone with the Wind – where did cheap energy go?”
Richard Dormer of BCR Associates Ltd

Thursday 7 April 2011
“From job vacancy to contract employment: navigating the minefield”
Julie Marsden of HR Solutions (JM) Ltd

Thursday 3 March 2011
“Innovation driven growth – which innovation might enable new capabilities for your business?”
Iain Taylor of HP

Thursday 3 February 2011
“Six steps on how to give constructive feedback”
Eleanor Yearwood of Key Talent Partners

Thursday 6 January 2011
“Business Vision – why working backwards gets you there faster”
Beth Hughes of Making Change Stick

Thursday 2 December 2010
“From Job Vacancy to Contract of Employment: Navigating the minefield
Julie Marsden of HR Solutions (JM) Ltd

Thursday 4 November 2010
“Is your relationship with HMRC a taxing one?”
Tony Butcher of Tony Butcher Tax

Thursday 7 October 2010
“Sales – is it different for small businesses?”
John Bycroft of Aorta Sales

Thursday 2 September 2010
“How valuable is your reputation top your business?”
Sue Viney of Viney Communications

Thursday 1 July 2010
“Putting the R into CRM”
Mark Hardman of Zaptext

Thursday 3 June 2010
“Why social media really works for business”
Naheed Hanif of Business Tendrils

Thursday 6 May 2010
“Using numbers to double the value of your business”
Trevor Wilson of the FD Group

Thursday 1 April 2010
“Conflict – what’s our ‘default behaviour pattern’ when handling conflict?”
Eleanor Yearwood of Key Talent Partners

Thursday 4 March 2010
“Are you realising the value from your Intellectual Capital?”
Jackie Maguire of Coller IP Management

Thursday 4 February 2010
“Would you like your presentation to achieve maximum impact? Learn the secret of the ‘Preparation’ principle”
Peter Francis of On Your Feet Presentations